Prove your worth to your customers

ProofScore is a “FICO Score for transparency” — a means of showing consumers the hard work that went into producing your food product. 

Food producers are some of the hardest working people on the planet. Most take great pride not only in the end product but also in the process and techniques used to produce that product.

Yet we live in a distrustful time in which a majority of Americans no longer believe in organic certifications or differentiating marketing claims. 

So show them. 

ProofScore™ is a mechanism similar to a FICO score in which food producers and supply chain partners are ranked by their transparency. The more (non-proprietary) data shared with consumers and partners, the higher the ProofScore. 

Product origin, provenance and transport information, along with certifications, audits and behind-the-scenes videos, all combine to create a ProofScore for a product and a producer. The benefits: the more transparent you are, the more likely consumers will choose your product over competitors. Information sharing is rewarded while fraud and misinformation is not.

Transparent Path, a Seattle-based food traceability venture, is rolling out ProofScore as part of our mission to create a more traceable food supply. Our goal for producers: to help you show the world the time, effort and investment that went into producing delicious, healthy food for your buyers.

ProofScore is a work in process. We welcome input from members of the food industry into the creation of the ProofScore methodology.